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Three Interview Tips From Cambridge Junior College

A job interview can be stressful, no matter how qualified you may be for the position. If you are trying to make a professional career change or enter a new field, the interview process can be even more daunting. The next time you arrive at a potential employers, try these three tips to help you better prepare for the job of your dreams.

Man in a business suit, reaching out his hand for a handshake. Text on the image has a list of attributes pointing to the man. They say Trimmed Haircut, Clean Shaved, Warm Smile, Feel of Confidence, Formal Dress, Firm Handshake and Correct Body Posture.

1. Be Confident.

If you are feeling desperate about getting the job, you may come across as nervous and unqualified. Self-doubt about your ability to do the job can lead to hyper-focus on your flaws, and a negativity that can come across to potential employers. Before the interview, take a moment to remind yourself that you are worthy of the position, have the training to do the job, and the qualities to help you to succeed in this position. Be positive that you can get the job, and you will come across as confident and qualified.

2. Be an Interviewer.

Bring a list of questions along to ask your potential employer. Try to get a feel for the culture of the company itself by asking about a typical day at the office. Inquire about the social aspect of the company; how often do employees get together outside of the office for events, clubs, or fundraisers? Ask how many of the employees are long-term, how long they have worked for the company, and what they say their favorite things are about the company. Try to prepare a list of questions that will give you an idea of what it will really be like to be an employee of that company, not just questions that revolve around the hiring process. This shows that you are committed to being a dedicated team member, not just an employee.

3. Be Knowledgeable.

In today’s internet driven world, it is very hard to find a company of any size that does not have a web presence. As a potential employee, that means there are plenty of opportunities for you to find out information about the company you are interviewing for. Be sure you know what the company does, what their mission statement is, and any aspects of business that they are particularly proud of. For example: Is the company proud of its charitable contributions and participation in fund-raising events? Bring that up in the interview along with your favorite charities and volunteer efforts. The more you know about the company, the more it will reveal that you are proactive in learning. If you feel frustrated with your current job and are looking to get started in a rewarding career, Cambridge Jr. College can help. Not only do we provide business, medical and allied health career training programs that can give you the skills and knowledge you need, but we also provide job placement assistance for graduates. Cambridge Jr. College assists our graduates with resume writing and interview techniques and training. In addition, we have relationships with Woodland and Yuba City area businesses for externships and job opportunities. Contact Us for more information on how you can get started today!