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Megan’s Success Story!

Here at Cambridge, we love to hear from our students and recent graduates, how making the choice to earn their degree, impacts their lives. There really is no greater feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone change their future. We asked our recent graduate, Megan, to share a little about her experience at Cambridge.

Megan in her graduation cap and gown.

What were you doing before Cambridge?

Before attending Cambridge I was living at home with my dad and was looking for a change.

Why did you choose Cambridge?

My dad had actually suggested I start school at Cambridge because he knew how much I loved to learn and how much I enjoyed going to school. He felt it would be great to see me back in school and to pursue a career in the medical field.

How has your life improved since attending Cambridge?

Since attending school I would have to say my life had changed drastically. I am honored to have graduated from a school that is well known within the community. I share my overall experience with everyone that I meet. I was an amazing feeling to be hired directly from my externship site! “Don’t be lazy with your experience at Cambridge, it is what you make it to be and I made sure my experience was GREAT!”

Best memory at Cambridge:

My best memory would have to be the day I was caught using the emergency exit! I was so hungry and I wanted check to see if the hotdog stand was still available during the long break. Instead of using the main entrance I decided to use the emergency exit in the classroom. Everything was fine until I couldn’t CLOSE THE DOOR, I was too afraid to tell anyone but I was also too paranoid that something would happen to the school so I had to tell Ms. Terry right away! I still remember this day and I am sure Ms. Terry does too!


My inspiration comes from God; he said all things are possible and because of his will I was able to go back and finish school. I am now a College Graduate! Deep down I knew this was the right school for me. I went through a lot while I was going to school but God kept me motivated and assisted me in getting it done. I was inspired and motivated by God who has pushed me in getting my education.

Advice for new students:

The best advice I can give to new students is to always keeping dreaming and never give up!

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