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Cambridge Junior College Graduate Gives Savvy Advice

Headshot of Toni Weatherman who graduated from Cambridge Junior College
Toni Weatherman, Cambridge Graduate

Medical Assistant School in Yuba City, CA

Toni Weatherman was a stay at home mom looking to open the doors of opportunity for her and her son. When browsing the various Medical Assistant Schools in Yuba City something about Cambridge Junior College’s Medical Assistant Program caught her eye. “I read great reviews and really like how friendly the staff were.” Pleased with her first impressions Toni signed up for the program.

Toni’s leap of faith helped her take off! “Cambridge opened the door for me. I now have a lifelong career that I love and my son will always have a mother that he can look up to.” Toni is now a medical assistant at Peach Tree Health.

Our 9-month Medical Assistant Program covers a lot of ground! The interactive classes are led by experienced professionals with years of working experience. During the program you will learn:

• medical office administration
• minor office surgery
• medical billing and finance
• medical office emergency systems
• exam room practices
• laboratory procedures
• electronic record-keeping
• blood collection
• pharmacology

Additionally, you will complete a medical externship. This is invaluable experience, which allows you to learn directly on the job in a clinical healthcare environment. You can also begin to network, creating industry connections!

Toni has future plans to become an ultrasound technicians and with her great work ethic we totally believe she is capable of doing it. When asked about advice to future or prospective students Toni is right on the money, “Always come to class. Attendance is key.” Wise advice from a fantastic former student!