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3 Reasons to Take Advantage of Distance Learning Programs for Your Healthcare Career Training

It probably won’t come as a shock to learn that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on college environments — after all, it has had big impacts everywhere else in our lives. In fact, a recent study by higher education consulting firm Simpson Scarborough found as many as a fifth of the college-bound students they surveyed may not attend this year as planned. This tracks with a similar survey conducted by a Seattle ed tech company, Cirkled In, which reported that 22% of those they talked to were rethinking their college plans.

If you’ve been planning to start a career training program but are considering putting it on hold, you’re not alone. But there are strong reasons why many students are pushing forward with furthering their education.

Modern Distance Learning Has Transformed Career Education

What we learned quickly this year is that the advancement of education technology has made distance learning more possible than ever. From virtual meeting spaces to upgraded discussion forums to learning management systems, the evolution of online education interfaces have closed some of the gap that used to exist between in-person classes and distance education. At Cambridge, for example, we’ve combined these modern online learning tools with our years of experience in medical career training to help support our students in an individualized way. All of these advancements have created a real opportunity to access high-quality career education without having to step foot inside a physical classroom.

Career Training Students Have Different Needs and Goals

The majority of students being surveyed about their college plans are those headed for traditional, four-year colleges and universities where they often may not even know yet what they want to major in or what kind of career they hope to get. But if you’re enrolling in a career school like Cambridge Junior College, chances are you already know what you want: healthcare career training that gives you practical skills for a rewarding career. Most career education students — whether for personal or financial reasons — are looking for focused training precisely because they want to learn and get out into the job market as quickly as possible. It’s worth taking a look at the cost-benefit of putting your career goals off even longer or investing in career training now so that you’ve got a better chance at a more secure future.

The Need for Healthcare Professionals Is Higher Than Ever

The U.S. needs healthcare heroes. Even before the pandemic hit, healthcare jobs were booming, and now we’re realizing more than ever how vital it is to have trained medical professionals who can step onto the front lines of care. It’s why healthcare jobs overall are expected to grow 14% through 2028, and medical assisting jobs in particular are projected to grow 23% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020) — almost double an already high growth rate. And with a significant number of healthcare professionals like nurses expected to retire in the coming years, hospitals, private clinics, urgent care, and senior care facilities are all in need of trained hires who have the skills and compassion to help fill these employment gaps.

Enrolling in postsecondary education is a big decision, even outside of the current environment. But the latest developments in distance education have made healthcare career training more accessible and more effective than ever before, making it possible for you to keep your career goals on track.

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